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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Observations on the Hungarian Press

From Anonymous

Hi Zoltan, apart from this misspelling :) , your post is 100% correct. I can tell you about the Hungarian media, that usually serviently mirrors the international main stream. In this particular case it cannot go into "omission" mode, Rozsa is a well known person in Hungary. His family members (and the families of the other Hungarian guys involved in the plot) keep the thing alive.

That's why the Hungarian press reports are somehow weird (or plainly comical). Fact after fact emerges about this tiny mercenary ring. These facts paint a fairly coherent picture of a small paramilitary/terrorist group, just as you pointed out in your post.

The unfortunate Hungarian media has to report these facts. But they try their best to show the ring innocent (or unrelated to politics or whatever). The Bolivian police always looks unprofessional/agenda driven/ridiculus in the reports, not to mention Morales himself.

The net result is weird journalism. Or simply laughable if you are aware of the political bias that is behind.

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