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Thursday, October 16, 2008


For several years, I have been contributing to a website with the goal of presenting the ideas of Marx, Engels, and Lenin - the leading figures of the modern Communist movement - to a larger audience. The fall of the European socialist community and the decline of many formerly powerful Communist Parties left many on the left discouraged and without a compass. Several comrades and I felt an urgent need for a website that maintained fidelity to the century and a half of Communist tradition, while applying Marxism creatively to the events and issues of the moment. We hoped, in a modest way, to add our labor to that of others internationally who shared our goal. Thus, was born (Marxism-Leninism Today).

In the several years since the website's inception, we have been able to reach a larger and larger audience and stir interest and interaction with a growing number of Communist activists and interested friends. But more importantly, we have been encouraged by a renewed interest world-wide in both Marxism and socialism. We are buoyed by the determined resistance to imperialism in the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe as well as other regions. And the struggles for justice and equality throughout the world are becoming more militant and demanding - a source of further inspiration.

The current crisis of the world economic system is both calling capitalism in question and demanding new, daring ideas. Today's news reports tell of a surge in sales of various tracts authored by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Staid, conservative politicians are secretly reading Marx for ideas. While a specter is not now haunting Europe, certainly Marx's shadow is looming over the world economy!

Given the fast-moving events of the moment, I thought a blog - ZZ's blog - would be timely, allowing me to share some thoughts - perhaps ill-formed and incomplete - on those events. Hopefully, others will find these comments of interest and join me in developing them.

Zoltan Zigedy

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